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It was the middle of the afternoon. We decided to have lunch at an Indian buffet so I could try some of the dishes. We sat at a small table in the back restaurant. The owner greeted us, the waiter greeted us and I filled my plate with a variey of declicous (although hot) foods. Among the crowd, and almost unnoticed was a man filling the water glasses. He moved quietly from table to table making sure we were all well hydrated.

He stopped at my table, and I wished him a happy and peaceful new year. We began talking and I found myself enjoying the conversation even more than the food. He was from Tibet and spent several months on the bottom of a mountain leading people up the mountain and doing search and rescue missions. He explained how he loved hot Indian food, it kept him warm in the cold climate. I suggested coffee and he laughed and went on to explain the special tea blend they drank. And the food….yak cheese with egg on top. We spoke about Thai food, and about the Dali Lama. I wished the conversation would not have ended so quickly. What, I asked, had brought him here, in the middle of NJ? I will never forget that moment. He smiled, and simply said “karma”. His eyes held peace and acceptance and inner tranquility.

I wonder how many people pass through our lives almost invisibly each day. If we pause just a moment, to stop and hear their story, what amazing things we would hear. What we could learn about ourselves.

So, to answer this week’s question, I wish to make peace with myself. To accept the path I am on, to know that karma has brought me here. To know that I am just where I should be. To truely possess that inner peace that everything is as it should be.



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